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Do you know the benefits of reverse walking?

Just 10 minutes walk ... several health benefits

By Newspaperhunt, published on 28 Dec 2022

We are all know and heard about walking … and it is very healthy … but how many of you know about ‘Backward Walk’ or ‘Reverse Walk’ ??? As the name suggests, is the act of moving backward. It's not as simple or as long as regular walking. Because it also requires some concentration.
Let's now examine the advantages of reverse walking.

Reverse walking, according to experts, produces better outcomes than conventional walking.

1. In this walk, less stress is placed on the knee, which strengthens the leg muscles.
2. The heart's blood flow is improved.
3. Burn more calories to lose weight and get fit.
4. Controls diabetes.
5. Relieves joint pain and back pain.
6. Stimulates happy hormones and makes us active.
7. In normal walking, several muscles can move outside of a set range of motion. They remain healthy by walking backwards.
8. Improves coordination between the eyes and the feet results good concentration and mental capacity.
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