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What are the best solutions for insomnia?

What to do to sleep comfortably?

By Newspaperhunt, published on 30 Nov -0001

Insomnia has become a very common problem nowadays. Due to the stressful lifestyle, people are affected by this problem from a young age. But let's find some easy solutions to this problem.

1. It is always preferable to have a light dinner at night. Consuming junk food, oily food and spicy food can lead to digestive problems and cause insomnia.

2. Make sure that there is at least an hour between meals and sleep at night.

3. Sleep and wake up at the same time every day. By doing so, our brain signals for sleep at that time.

4. Do not drink coffee, tea, or alcohol before sleep.

5. Stay away from gadgets like mobiles and computers.

6. Taking a warm bath before going to bed relaxes the body.

7. Getting into the habit of reading good books will also help you sleep better.

8. Breathing exercises like pranayama can help you sleep better.

9. Medical experts say that taking yogurt helps you fall asleep faster. However, some people may become cold if they consume curd at night, so you should use curd in accordance with your body-philosophy.
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10. You'll sleep better if you drink warm milk with honey. Serotonin and melatonin levels in the body are raised by the tryptophan in honey. Thus the hormones that induce sleep in the body are stimulated.
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11. Consuming cardamom powder and milk with almonds also reduces the problem of insomnia.

12. Sleep is induced by roasted poppy seeds in a thin cloth and inhaling the aroma.

13. Do not sleep with your head facing north. Due to the magnetic force in that direction, the blood flow to the brain decreases and sleep is not good.

14. Listening to good music without loud noises during sleep makes the mind calm.

15. Gently combing the scalp or massaging with the fingers will induce restful sleep.

16. Gently massaging the soles of the feet with the hands also induces sleep. If possible massage the soles with castor oil / sesame oil / coconut oil for good sleep.

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