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Amazing health benefits of Curry Leaves !!

What are the medicinal Uses of Curry Leaves?

By Newspaperhunt, published on 07 Feb 2023

Curry leaves, commonly used in Indian cuisine. It has good aroma and taste. You're wrong if you wish to add curry leaves solely for flavour. It has some unique medicinal properties. Curry leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and iron. They are also rich in fiber, carbohydrates, nicotinic acid and antioxidants. So consuming curry leaves in food has many health benefits. Now let's find out what they are.

1. Antioxidant properties: Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress and cell damage.
2. Digestion: Curry leaves can aid digestion and reduce symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, gas, and constipation.
3. Cholesterol: Curry leaves have been shown to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
4. Blood sugar control: Curry leaves have been shown to have a positive impact on blood sugar levels and may be helpful for people with diabetes.
5. Anti-inflammatory: Curry leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of conditions such as arthritis.
6. Antioxidant properties: Due to the richness of antioxidants in curry leaves, it is useful in the prevention of Leukemia, Prostate cancer and colorectal cancer.
Tasting salt ... How danger it is? 7. Antibacterial Properties: Curry leaves juice or paste is effective against bacterial and fungal infections. Curry leaves have been found to be a good remedy for burns, cuts, and itchy skin.
8. Better eyesight: Vitamin-A present in curry leaves improves eyesight.
9. Prevention of diarrhea: The carbazole alkaloids present in curry leaves are said to prevent diarrhea.
10. Removal of Toxins: Regular consumption of curry leaves removes toxins from the body.
11. Kidney Cleansing: Experts say that drinking curry leaves juice will prevent kidney problems. Health Benefits of Walking after meals

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