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About Chinese: The Chinese language is a historical language. This language faced various changes in the history and all these variations are part of the Sino-Tibetan language family. Over 1,000 million people speaks the Sinitic languages in China and Taiwan. Chinese language is spoken especially in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Australian Chinese Daily Baoji Ri Bao Beijing Daily ePaper Beijing Morning Post ePaper Beijing Qingnian Bao Beijing WanBao Beijing Zhou Bao Changjiang Ri Bao Changsha Chaozhou Ri Bao Chengde Ri Bao Chengdu Ri Bao Chengdu Wan Bao China News Digest China Today Chongqing Chen Bao Chongqing Shang Bao Chongqing Wan Bao Chutian Dushi Bao Chuxiong Ri Bao Chuzhou Ri Bao Dalian Wan Bao Daqing Ri Bao Dazhong Keji Bao Dazhong Ri Bao Dongnan Kuai Bao Fazhi Ri Bao Fujian Ri Bao Fuzhou Ri Bao Gansu Ri Bao Guangming Ri Bao Guangxi Ri Bao Guangzhou Metro Daily Guangzhou Ri Bao Guiyang Wan Bao Guizhou Dushi Bao Guizhou Ri Bao Guizhou Shang Bao Guo Ji Shang Bao Haikou Wan Bao Hainan Jing Ji Bao Hainan Ri Bao Hainan Tequ Bao Hangzhou Ri Bao Harbin Ri Bao Hebei Jingji Ri Bao Hebei Ri Bao Hebi Ri Bao Heilongjiang Ri Bao Henan Ri Bao Heze Ri Bao Huaxi Dushi Bao Hu Lunbeier Ri Bao Humen Bao Hunan Ri Bao Jiancha Ri Bao Jiangmen Ri Bao Jiangxi Ri Bao Jiaozuo Ri Bao Jiaxing Ri Bao Jiefangjun Bao Chinese Jie Fang Ri Bao Jingji Guancha Bao Jinhua Ri Bao Jining Ri Bao Jin Wan Bao Lanzhou Chen Bao Lasa Wan Bao Liangshan Ri Bao Liuyang Ri Bao Luoyang Ri Bao Mianyang Ri Bao Minxi Ri Bao Nanfang Ri Bao Nanjing Ri Bao Nanning Ri Bao Nantong Ri Bao Nanyang Wan Bao Pingdishian Ri Bao Qianjiang Wan Bao Qian Xi Nan Ri Bao Qihuo Ri Bao Qilu Wan Bao Qingdao Ri Bao Qinzhou Ri Bao Qitaihe Ri Bao Qiushi Za Zhi Quanzhou Wan Bao Renmin Gongan Bao Renmin Ri Bao Chinese Sanlian Shenghuo Zhoukan San Qin Dushi Bao Sanya Chen Bao Shaanxi Ri Bao Shanghai Qingnian Bao Shangqiu Ri Bao Shantou Ri Bao Shantou Tequ Wan Bao Shanxi Ri Bao Shanxi Wan Bao Shaoxing Ri Bao Shenyang Ri Bao Shenyang Wan Bao Shenzhen Daily Shenzhen Shang Bao Shenzhen Tequ Bao Shijiazhuang Ri Bao Shishi Ri Bao Sichuan Ri Bao Suqian Ri Bao Taiyuan Ri Bao Tengzhou Ri Bao Tianfu Zao Bao Tianjin Ri Bao Tongling Ri Bao Wanxi Ri Bao Wenhui Bao Wenzhou Dushi Bao Wenzhou Ri Bao Wenzhou Shang Bao Wenzhou Wan Bao Wuhu Ri Bao Wuxi Ri Bao Xiamen Ri Bao Xian Wan Bao Xiaoshan Ri Bao Xiaoxiang Chen Bao Xi Bu Kai Fa Bao Xinhua Ri Bao Xinmin Wan Bao Xinxiang Ri Bao Xu Ri Bao Yang Cheng Wan Bao Yangzhou Wan Bao Yangzi Wan Bao Yanzhao Dushi Bao Yibin Wan Bao Yinchuan Wan Bao Yunnan Ri Bao Yuxi Ri Bao Zaozhuang Ri Bao Zhaotong Ri Bao Zhejiang Ri Bao Zhejiang Workers Daily Zhengzhou Wan Bao Chinese Zhongguo Gongshang Bao Zhongguo Gongshang Shi Bao Zhongguo Jingji Shi Bao Zhongguo Jingying Bao Zhongguo Qingnian Bao Zhongguo Ri Bao Zhongguo Tiyu Bao Zhongshan Ri Bao Zhuhai Tequ Bao Zhujiang Wan Bao Zigong Ri Bao am 730 Apple Daily Asia Times Online Chinese Cyber Headline Hong Kong Commercial Daily Hong Kong Economic Journal Hong Kong Economic Times KUNG KAO PO Metro Ming Pao Daily News oriental daily news epaper Sing Pao Daily News Sing Tao Daily Tai Kung Pao The Sun Wen Wei Po Xin Dao Bao Macao Daily China Press Guang Ming Daily International Times Kwong Wah Yit Poh & Penang Sin Poe Nanyang Online Oriental Daily See Hua Daily News Sin Chew Jit Poh The Merdeka Review United Daily News Chinese Commercial News Guang Zhou Ribao Lianhe Zaobao Apple Daily China Daily News China Times CNA news Keng Sheng Daily News Liberty Times Matsu News News Lens Penghu Times Taiwan Daily Taiwan Panorama Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News UDN St Louis Chinese News

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